Introducing LVA

About LVA

Loftus-Vergari and Associates, Inc. is a private foster care agency founded by Cindy and Joe Loftus-Vergari in 2005. Joe and Cindy worked independently in social services for decades before combining their expertise in Child Welfare, Counseling and Traumatic Stress to create an agency committed to providing the best care available for children and families within their program.

Joe’s career in Child Welfare spanned four decades and three states. He served as a Captain in the United States Army, worked as the Director of the Waterbury Collaboration of Child Abuse and Neglect, was the Director of Luzerne County Children and Youth Services, and retired from the position of Director of the Luzerne County Office of Human Services in 2005.

His commitment to ensuring the welfare of children continued beyond retirement and continues with his involvement as COO of Loftus-Vergari and Associates, Inc.

Cindy’s career in counseling began in the 1980’s and continued until her retirement from counseling in 2020. She received her certification as a Sex Therapist in 1982 and later became a Fellow of the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists. She obtained her certification as an expert in Sexual Abuse and Traumatic Stress in the 1990’s and retains those credentials to the present. She taught as an adjunct professor at Bridgeport University, College Misericordia, and Wilkes University and was one of the original trainers for the PA Competency Based Training Program. She has presented to local, state, and national audiences on the topics of Human Sexuality, Sexual Abuse, and Traumatic Stress.

She is currently the CEO of Loftus-Vergari and Associates, Inc. and is committed to providing trauma informed care to each child and every family in the LVA, Inc. program.