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Trauma Resolution Counseling


Trauma Resolution Counseling is a highly specialized, solution-oriented, person-centered method of psychotherapy which draws heavily on the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy blended with Gestalt Therapy, Insight Oriented Psychotherapy, Art Therapy, Bibliotherapy, and Therapeutic Play using Theraplay techniques. This strength-based approach emphasizes that the focus of psychotherapy must remain on the emotional, physical, or psychological injuries which the individual client has experienced and the context in which they occurred. A thorough understanding of the defense strategies and coping mechanisms used by the client to survive the traumatic events allows the client to integrate on a sensory, physical, cognitive, affective and spiritual level, improving the client’s ability to sustain positive relationships, achieve their own personal goals, eliminate distressing and limiting symptoms, parent self or others more effectively, function more efficiently at home, work, and school and finally, recover from PTSD. Effective treatment always includes the following components: affect modulation, exploring the personal narrative through some expressive modality, integration of available information, and emancipation. Since Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is the result of injury rather than illness, the therapist’s focus is on resolution of the original events rather than symptom alleviation. We are committed to providing the least intrusive interventions possible and discourage the use of medications (particularly with children) which interfere with the client’s ability to process traumatic material. We have a zero restraint policy and no child has even been physically, mechanically, or chemically restrained within our program. We have observed that psychiatric hospitalizations, medications, placements, specialized educational programs and other intrusive interventions decrease in frequency as Trauma Focused Counseling is implemented. Involvement of the parent or partner in the therapeutic process is a key component of the therapy.

For children who have been removed from their biological families our therapists provide family therapy prior to reunification to help the family work through the issues which triggered the placement. When the abuse or neglect was caused by the child’s family of origin, careful consideration is given to the most appropriate therapeutic approach as the functional members of the family reconnect with one another. Referral may be made for the offending family member either within our practice or to another community based therapist who specializes in the treatment of offenders. Each therapist is responsible for identifying the treatment plan and treatment goals of the client with whom they work.